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Test Demo

This application is intended to demonstrate automated testing.

The application provides a way to practice your automated testing skills. You can find numerous automated testing articles describing how to use it at Code-Gorilla.

This is the full source code to build the local native demo application in either Android or iOS using the latest technologies in 2023. The source code is writting in Kotlin and Swift UI respectively.

With this demo application, you can:

  • Test on Local Native applications on both Android and iOS
  • Use the same tests on Android and iOS; as the behavior of the apps is the same.
  • Click on various screens
  • Enter text input
  • Submit input for results

This demo app is in it's initial release. I intend to extend it over time, but I intend to keep it backwards compatible for as long as possible.

Download the code!

You can download the source code for the sample application so that you can build and test as if it was one of your own applications:


git clone


git clone  

JUnit Code

You can also download JUnit example code using Appium at Code-Gorilla. The JUnit/Appium tests will perform automated tests on the applications above. You can download the code and get working examples so that you can begin to extend and build your own tests.